A New Photo of a Rock on Mars Has Alien Hunters Very Excited

A New Photo of a Rock on Mars Has Alien Hunters Very Excited

Mars observers sifting through photographs of the Martian surface have discovered a picture that will no likely pique the interest of people inquisitive about extraterrestrial life on our neighboring planet. On May 7, 2022, NASA’s Curiosity Mars rover captured this photograph. It purports to reveal a gash cut into the rocky slope that looks suspiciously like a man-made entryway. Okay, that does like the entryway of a pyramid.

Annie Jacobsen, an investigative journalist who has investigated the mysterious events at Area 51, among other things, posted it. She tweeted, “This photograph taken 5.7.22 by NASA on Mars + news of House hearings on UFOs are likely to inspire a few new hypotheses.” Yes, you may see the first public Congressional hearing on UFOs in 50 years live next week. Others have deduced from the photograph that the geological structure is a portal to a subterranean temple. Some have even asserted that a person might be seen lurking in the entrance’s shadow.

A New Photo of a Rock on Mars Has Alien Hunters Very Excited

However, as you may have suspected, this intriguing image is unlikely to constitute hard evidence of an alien civilisation residing on Mars. Many people have pointed out that numerous photographs of Mars show geological features that are certainly not the entrance to a huge Martian temple. It’s also difficult to gauge the size of this feature. You may recall the “mystery Moon house” case from late last year, which piqued everyone’s interest. While investigating the lunar surface in December 2021, China’s Yutu-2 rover obtained a photograph of a cube-like structure on the horizon. Some speculated that the object was an extraterrestrial building, maybe a massive monolith.

However, when the rover neared the location, it became clear that it was just a regular rock. In recent years, photographs of the stony Martian surface have shown a variety of unusual occurrences, ranging from mice and a lady to a floating spoon. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon in which people see identifiable structures or patterns — typically faces — in otherwise meaningless inputs. 

For example, if you gaze at clouds long enough, you’ll eventually find one that looks exactly like something else. Early humans, like animals, are assumed to have developed the capacity to identify predators and possible hazards before they observed us. We still have that old skill, but without the daily fear of saber-tooth tigers hiding around the corner.