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Alpha Paw brings in $8M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space

Alpha Paw brings in $8M to carve out its niche in the pet wellness space

Alpha Paw is the latest company to attract investment interest in the pet industry. After bootstrapping for three years, the Austin-based startup obtained $8 million in Series An investment headed by Nordic Eye. Ramon van Meer, the firm’s CEO, acquired the company in 2018 and now works with his 11-year-old son Victor. Alpha Paw was a tiny firm that made pet ramps for dogs that had problems leaping up and down from sofas at the time. 

It reintroduced in the pet wellness category in 2019. Van Meer told TechCrunch, “We have a goal of helping pets live healthier and longer lives.” “We wanted to make wellness goods that were analogous to our human lifestyles, and staying healthy is all about diet and supplements,” says the company.

People have spent more time with their dogs in recent years, owing in part to the worldwide pandemic, and a trend has evolved of pet owners extending their concepts of health and wellbeing to their pets. 

The worldwide pet supplement industry was worth over $600 million in 2019 and expected to reach $820 million by 2027. According to the American Pet Products Association, Americans spent about $100 billion on their pets last year.

Alpha Paw sells food and vitamins for dogs and cats that tailored to the breed of the animal. A subscription box service with meals and nutritious extra toppings to add in for diseases like allergies or hip and joint troubles will be available shortly. A dental-care tasty item will also be included in the package. Alpha Paw will also contain a customised daily exercise and play schedule because it understands the breed, the pet’s weight, as well as what the ideal weight should be.

According to van Meer, the firm made $20 million in sales last year and expects to make $35 million this year. It is also about returning the favor: Because his son, Victor, is a huge believer in giving back, Alpha Paw distributes meals to shelter dogs all around the country for every product purchased. It has provided over 500,000 meals too far. The increased funds will used to further client acquisition, product development, and general expansion, including worldwide expansion. It will also aid in the development of the company’s social media network of pet parents. Users have created breed-specific communities in which they may connect with one another and ask each other and vets questions.

Nordic Eye managing partner Peter Warne said he had been studying the pet market for a long and had seen its worth rise as more entrepreneurs entered it. “We all know the space has increased since COVID, and most dogs live for more than a decade, so this isn’t just a trend, but something that will last,” he noted. “Because of the importance of dogs and the number of dogs being introduced to households, the sector is rapidly expanding.” It was easy to invest because of Ramon’s track record in previous firms and what he has accomplished in the last two years.”