Becoming Bilingual in the Job Market Can Make You a Hot Commodity

Becoming Bilingual in the Job Market Can Make You a Hot Commodity

You just got word from a potential employer that you didn’t get the position you really wanted. It appears that there were two of you who were equally competent, but one of you had an advantage: they could speak another language. Employers value multilingual employees because they can benefit the company and because it reflects well on the person. You might want to consider including bilingualism on your CV. Babbel can assist you with this, and it’s now on sale for $299. Plus, if you subscribe by March 15, you’ll receive five entries into our “Are You Feeling Lucky?” sweepstakes, where you could win flights for two anywhere in the world worth up to $5,000!

The demand for multilingual employees in the United States has increased in the preceding five years, according to a survey done by the New American Economy in 2017. Given the rise in multiculturalism in the country as a whole, and in the global economy in particular, and the ever-increasing capacity of employees to work from almost any computer on the planet, we have to expect that figure will continue to rise. The advantages of having an employee who can communicate in more than one language for a firm are numerous. It gets simpler to deal with worldwide marketplaces. Customer support can be tailored to deal with difficulties in the caller’s native language. Cross-border networking boosts market potential and expands the client base.

While your language abilities will benefit your work, they will also benefit your own well-being. Being multilingual may raise your brainpower, enhance your creativity, and even assist to fight off dementia, in addition to improving your chances of finding a better job and raising your earning power. Babbel is a terrific location to start learning a language for a new job, improving your general mental health, or simply making your next vacation to a foreign country a bit less stressful. It is the most popular language learning app, with over 10 million memberships sold.

PCMag praises Babbel for “exceeding expectations” by providing “high-quality, self-paced courses in 13 languages.” It includes over 10,000 hours of content and access to 14 languages, and is designed to have you speaking in your chosen language straight away. You’ll soon be talking about things like travel, family, business, cuisine, and much more. 

Short courses, flashcards, individualized study sessions, and voice recognition technologies all contribute to making your experience practical, productive, and enjoyable, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. For just $299, you can get Babbel Language Learning. You’ll have plenty of time to learn a new language, or two, or three, or thirteen! You’ll also be immediately entered into our “Are You Feeling Lucky?” giveaway if you buy by March 15.