Breakr Raises $4.2M to Connect Influencers with Emerging Musicians

Breakr Raises $4.2M to Connect Influencers with Emerging Musicians

The music app breaker, led by Slow Ventures, announced $ 4.2 million seed rain this week, following the latest Rise and $700,000 fund, led by Anderson Horwitz’s TXO fund – the people behind the service saw the idea as some sort of proof as they worked to implement the idea. It is clear why the breaker offer is appealing to investors. The product serves as a way for musicians to connect and reach out to social media influencers. Musicians get exposure and influencers effectively pay to host an office time listening session. The breaker, meanwhile, loses 10% from revenue.

This is a unique approach in an overflowing music marketplace, where it is proven to crack the codes that are effective for both discovering and discovering music. Although it’s no less about tweeting algorithms for music listeners than getting discovery music right in front of the ear’s right signal.

After talking to two of the six founders at the start, we were reminded that rappers stood outside the record store, trying to sell $5 a pound for mixtape CDs – things have progressed a lot since then, but no one has completely solved the problem. Mark of AMP Technologies, “Breaker is an essential tool for connecting artists, influencers and brands efficiently,” I know from firsthand experience that this process can not only manually detect various influential influences, but also take a long time to activate them, “AMP Mark Byers of Technologies said in a statement.

“They’ve created what I call the mall of influential marketers, where all you have to do is make sure the talent fits your taste needs.” And after the medium has changed to social media, there is no rush and feeling of futility. After pressing the key-tip and listening to a few times after DF Jam came out of the office, not everyone gets their Mobb Deep story. Obviously, as a general rule, we need many more key-tips in the world. While human cloning technology is still lacking, Breaker is expected to offer some of the experience with added financial incentives.