Advantages of Face-to-face Conversation

Advantages of Face-to-face Conversation

Advantages of Face-to-face Conversation

Face-to- face conversations is one of the most effective means of oral communication. The major advantages of this communication are discussed below:

Appropriate expression of message: In face-to-face conversation the sender presents the message orally by using the appropriate tone, facial expression, eye contract etc, Therefore, the message reaches to its receiver as it should be.

Clarification of message: In face to face conversation both the sender and receiver exchange information directly by meeting each other in a particular place. As a result, one can seek clarification if he fails to understand the message. Thus, speech facilities seeking clarification of message from each other.

Understanding the receiver’s message easily: In this communication the parties can easily understand the reactions, opinions and attitudes of each other with regards to the message they exchanged. This helps the communicator to take right decisions and proper courses of action promptly.

Flexibility: In face-to-face conversation the parties can easily change their issues of discussion if it seems necessary for the change of situation or any other causes.

Universality: Face-to-face conversation is one of the most ancient means of communication. Therefore, people of all classes irrespective of their age, gender, level of education, occupation etc. feel comfort in exchanging message through face-to-face conversation.

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