Define of Internet in terms of Business Communication Technology

Define of Internet in terms of Business Communication Technology

Internet is a revolutionary invention in the field of information and communication technology. It has dramatically changed the pace of communication throughout the world. Internet may be defined as the network of networks or accumulation of smaller networks that are connected through telephone lines, satellite or radio links. It links thousands of similar computer networks and millions of individual computer users worldwide. It is accessible to individuals, organizations, educational institutions and government agencies. The most widely used part of internet is the ‘world wide web’ (www) which enables the users to search fix, display and use multimedia resources such as graphics, text, audio and video files.

Internet is not owned by anyone. To use Internet, the user needs a computer, a modem and some cases need telephone line. One can have access to the Internet in two ways:

(i) Through a college, university, company and public library whose computer system is connected to the internet; and

(ii) Through a subscription from commercial Internet service providers (ISP).

Examples of commercial internet service providers are BOL (Bangladesh Online), Agni Systems, FIRC, Aftab, AOL (American Online) etc.

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