Everyone needs to watch this disturbing video of “Mark Zuckerberg”

Everyone needs to watch this disturbing video of “Mark Zuckerberg”

Deepfake makers create videos from a single photograph and then simply type what they want to say. The quality of Deepfake videos has increased dramatically, and in the last month alone we’ve seen some incredible and awesome features.

UK artist, Bill Poster, and Daniel Howe, with the help of advertising agency Kanye, recently uploaded a video to their Instagram page showing a deep-naked Mark Zuckerberg sending a cool message to viewers. Deep concern has been raised about this technology and how it can be used, especially with limited efforts to stop the spread of fake news on social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

“Imagine for a second: the stolen data of millions of people, all their privacy, their lives, one man in control of their future,” the fake Zuckerberg said in the video.  “I told Specter all this. Specter showed me that anyone who controls data controls the future. “

In the installation, these two artists focus on what they call the digital impact industry, bargaining, and the application of uncontrolled development and computational methods to exploit public opinion.

Specter, the name of James Bond’s fictitious criminal organization, is also the name of an industrial installation built by Poster and Haor where various dipfeck videos of celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump are shown.

“For Specter, we used the same techniques – data analytics, behavioral profiling, and sensing analysis, deep-learning – to enable viewers to feel the inner workings of the digital impact industry.”  In a statement, “In 2016 and 2017, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe saw widespread political upheaval as a new type of perceived propaganda published by journalists and political rights advocates such as social media platforms, the advertising industry, and Cambridge Analytica.” 

Facebook, which is owned by Instagram, has decided not to remove fake videos from its platform. People were curious to see if they would give their CEO the subject of ridicule. Recently, a fake video of Nancy Pelosi, the speaker of the US House of Representatives, was made to make it look like it was getting cloudy. Despite the nature of the video and the politically motivated reasons for sharing it, Facebook has decided to keep the video up.

“Citizens’ data, including inherent knowledge of political inclinations, sexuality, psychological traits, and personality – provides the highest bidder that the digital impact industry and associated architectures are not only a threat to individual human rights but also to our democracy at large,” the poster said.

There are currently no laws that specifically target Deepfake videos, although it has been argued that current laws may be able to address some of the errors. Some social media platforms forbid users to upload such videos, but in many cases fines are not imposed.