Extra Crunch roundup: Coupang and Roblox debut, driving GPT-3 adoption, startup how-tos, more

Extra Crunch roundup: Coupang and Roblox debut, driving GPT-3 adoption, startup how-tos, more

Extra Crunch publishes a variety of article publications but how tos my favorite category. For many entrepreneurs, the start they are trying to get off the field may be just the second entry in their resume. As a result, when it comes to basics like renting, fundraising and increased marketing, there is not much experience to draw from them.

Last week, Natasha Mascarenhas interviewed experts who had some strategic advice on finding the right time to bring product managers to the board. This afternoon, we published a guest post by growth marketer Jessica Lee with tips on “How nontechnical Talent Can Build Relationships Deep Technology Companies”. We have also received great feedback in a recent guest post about bootstrapping options for SaaS founders written by the founders who actually did it. If you some “how” and “why” questions about startups, please browse our extra crunch how stories.

These aimed at founders in the early stages and staff trying to solve long-term problems. Thanks so much for reading Extra Crunch this week! I hope you have a leisure weekend. As soon as Roblox started trading on Wednesday, the company’s shares jumped above the reference price of reference $45 per share. Roblox, a gaming company targeting children, has come up with an exciting way to get into government markets.

Looking at the Roblox trade far above it is direct listing reference price and final private valuation; it is understandable that this type of debut could pick up the underlying pricing issues in traditional IPOs. Trained on trillions of words, the GPT-3 is a 175-billion-parameter transformer model – the third of its kind published by OpenAI.

GPT-3 is capable of delivering notable, consistent and timely emails, tweets and trivia and much more in a well-organized way to generate human-like text and responses. In 2021, this technology will strengthen the launch of one thousand new startups and applications. We are here for so-called mega-rounds for record-breaking investments or for investing $ 100 million or more within the state of fintech. To date, Q1 2021 is ahead and this is already a guarantee of a new record higher than the previous all-time high. What is going on? 

Global-e, an e-commerce platform that helps online sellers reaches global customers, launched to the public on Tuesday. Global-e business exploded into an epidemic in 2020, and the company hopes that COVID’s energy conversion to e-commerce will only lead to future growth. Were you equipped for a meeting because you heard a snippet of a conversation and want share your perspective?