Facebook Messenger is testing a New ‘Split Payments’ Feature in the US

Facebook Messenger is testing a New ‘Split Payments’ Feature in the US

Facebook Messenger has announced that it will begin testing a new “Split Payments” function that will allow users to split the cost of bills and costs through the service. 

The new function, according to the business, is a “free and fast” method to manage funds using Messenger. Users in the United States will be able to utilize the new function starting next week.

Users must first click the “Get Started” button in a group conversation or the Payments Hub in Messenger to use Split Payments. You may then divide a bill evenly or change the donation amount for each person in the group chat, with or without yourself involved. 

You will also be able to leave a personalized note. Finally, you will prompt to confirm your Facebook Pay information before your request is issued and visible in your group chat thread.

Facebook Messenger is testing a New ‘Split Payments’ Feature in the US

“It’s going to get easier if you’ve struggled with dividing up (and getting paid back for) group dinners, shared housing bills, or even the monthly rent,” the firm wrote in a blog post about the new feature.

Messenger launched Venmo-like QR codes for person-to-person payments a few months ago, prompting the birth of Split Payments. The codes are now only available in the United States, but they allow anybody to give or request money using Facebook Pay, even if they are not Facebook friends. The option may be found in Messenger’s settings under the “Facebook Pay” section.

Facebook Pay was initially introduced in November 2019 as a method to create a payment system that would work across all of the company’s applications for things like contributions and e-commerce, as well as person-to-person payments.

Split Payments debuted alongside a slew of additional Messenger upgrades, including four new group AR effects created in collaboration with designers Emma Chamberlain, Zach King, Bella Poarch, and King Bach. 

The firm has just released two new “Stranger Things” Soudmojis, which are emojis that create a sound when sent within Messenger, as well as a new chat theme, according to the company. To commemorate the release of “Red,” Messenger also released a new Taylor Swift Soudmoji.