First Vasectomy Ever Performed By A Doctor Using A Car Battery

First Vasectomy Ever Performed By A Doctor Using A Car Battery

Earlier this month, Dr. Christopher Yang (supposedly) performed a vasectomy on a patient while using a Rivian car battery as electricity.

After putting local anesthetic into both sides of the scrotum, a vasectomy involves cutting the tube that carries sperm from the testicles (where does the sperm go after a vasectomy?). Funny you should inquire.) Not exactly a task that uses a lot of electricity. The tube ends can be sealed after being separated, but strong lighting is necessary and, more crucially, heat. On September 1, Yang planned to perform electrocautery on one patient, which involves heating a wound with a current.

Yang tried to postpone the appointment after the power went out at his clinic. The patient decided to have the testicular equipment attached to a vehicle since she didn’t want to take any more time off of work.

We explained to the patient that we either reschedule the procedure itself or, if he was willing, perform the vasectomy using the truck’s power “Yang spoke to WGLT “He also laughed heartily, and we both agreed.

Yang kept a smaller (but less regulated) handheld cauterization device on hand in case the battery died out since he was worried that it would not have enough power. Even though the air conditioning was off, it worked for the procedure and for running a modest fan in the clinic.

Yang continued, “I’m not sure if this (having a vasectomy) should be a planned use of the truck, but it’s fantastic to have that as a backup just in case.”