Froghoppers’ Urinating Super Powers Matched by their Impressive Sucking Skills

Froghoppers’ Urinating Super Powers Matched by their Impressive Sucking Skills

Drinking sap is the thirsty work of froghoppers, also known as spittlebugs (Philenus spumarius). Most insects choose phloem, it is a sugary and easily accessible sap, and the ambitious froghopper goes for xylem. This sap has faced quite a challenge, being nutritious-poor one needs to be drunk almost regularly to reap any benefits.

The side effect of this sap-chewing lifestyle is urination, lots of urination. So much urine, in fact, if it weren’t for the impressive bit rather than the engineering, the tiny bugs would probably have drowned out on their own. Thankfully, the evolution equipped Frutopar with some kits that sit like a butt-mounted catapult. Philip G., an associate professor of comparative physiology at the University of British Columbia, told the New York Times. De Matthews said the tiny ballistic ball, about 10 centimeters (4 inches) long, is capable of throwing critics into a stream of urine. It may not sound like much, but when you consider that the frigopar itself is about 5-7 millimeters (0.20-0.28 inches) tall, it really is the most guess p! 

As if we weren’t already surprised to see these tiny insects and their award-winning polyuria, it seems they have more techniques in their (urine-soaked) sleeves. New research, published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B and co-authored by Matthews, has decided to take a closer look at Frogopar’s fluid intake than outside.

Its nutrient deficiency is not the only downside of the xylem, as it is much harder to get out of the stem than phloem. When the phloem comes out through a hole in the stem, the xylem is actually really hard to suck. The difference is due to the pressures that drive the two separate parts of the plant. Xylem sap exists in plant pots that draw water from the soil and create negative pressure. The knock-on effect for our little frigopers is that when they tap on the stem to suck the malnourished cocoon, the vessels pull inwards. So, how can petty addicts get good things?