Google will let Legacy G Suite Users Migrate to Free Google Accounts

Google will let Legacy G Suite Users Migrate to Free Google Accounts

Google announced earlier this month that free Google Workspace accounts that were running the G Suite legacy free edition will be terminated, following customer reaction. Google has revised its help website and says it plans to offer more alternatives to existing users, as reported by Ars Technica. The current version of Google Workspace is very different from its predecessor. Google’s productivity subscription service is now geared exclusively toward enterprises. Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus are among the software-as-a-service programs offered by the company. They range from $6 to $18 per month for each user.

Google introduced the opportunity to add a custom domain name to your Google account in 2006, following the launch of Gmail and Google Calendar. You might, for example, purchase a domain name for your surname and use it for email addresses ([email protected]). Originally known as Google Apps for Your Domain, the product was first offered free and not aimed primarily at corporate clients. The free tier was discontinued by Google in 2012. Google is not obligated to provide a free service indefinitely. 

However, the business probably did not anticipate such a strong response from tech-savvy Google users who had been using G Suite legacy accounts for almost a decade. A Hacker News thread, for example, received over a thousand comments. Instead of forcing customers to pay or completely closing down their G Suite legacy accounts, Google will offer a third alternative. The corporation added a paragraph to the support website, which serves as an announcement page of some sort:

We will provide a no-cost option for you to relocate your non-Google Workspace paid content and most of your data in the coming months. Premium features such as personalized email and multi-account management will not be available with this new option. You will have time to consider this decision before your account suspended on July 1, 2022. In the following months, we will add more information to this article. The fact that G Suite legacy free accounts serve as Google accounts for the whole Google ecosystem is a huge issue. 

Some customers with G Suite legacy free accounts have been utilizing their accounts for YouTube, Google Maps, Google Play purchases, Google Drive, and other services in addition to emails, calendar events, and contacts. To put it another way, advising customers that they could either terminate their accounts or start paying was not fair, because Google accounts are often more than just email inboxes. Google appeared to be blackmailing administrators.

Of course, transferring your G Suite legacy free account to a Google consumer account means you will lose your unique domain-based email address. You would have to change your email address or find a new email provider. Finally, for G Suite legacy-free admins with ten or fewer users, Google has set up a brief survey. They can respond to it to express interest in different possibilities and receive Google updates.