How can Business Organizations solve Job Dissatisfaction Problems?

How can Business Organizations solve Job Dissatisfaction Problems?

Job dissatisfaction is the negative motive for the working environment of other factors. When any factory has on well-working condition better quality of work working time is a high and small amount of salaries than the worker or employee are dissatisfied that is called dissatisfaction of employees.

To overcome worker dissatisfaction business can take some responsible action. And they are-

(a) The changing workforce: Many young people who are entering today’s workforce are different from those who entered in the past. These differences are important because today’s young workers are the establishment of tomorrow, and their beliefs, values, and expectations are becoming the norms of tomorrow, thus causing conflict with established systems of performing work. Today’s young workers want opportunities for self-expression and individual performance, and when they perform in a way that they feel deserves a reward, they want what the reward now. They are not content to wait for an annual salary review, nor are they content with the traditional slow climb up the promotion ladder.

An employer should change the workforce as an employee want to solve the problem of dissatisfaction. Rather, today’s young workers tend to be strong individualists who are willing to move on if they find job dissatisfying.

(b) The changing success Ethic: While the foregoing discussion largely concerns younger workers who are entering business in entry-level jobs and searching for satisfaction at that level, there also is evidence that those in middle and upper-level jobs are not always satisfied with the jobs they hold or the company for which they work. Concepts of measurements of success are changing. By the time the Employer should change the Ethic.

(c) Sources of job dissatisfaction: There are various sources of job dissatisfaction of the employee. Such as lack of interesting work, lack of opportunities for advancement and for self-expression, lack of personal fulfillment, unchallenging or uninteresting work, repetitive jobs, health and safety hazards and insufficient income. A business organization should find the reason for employee’s job dissatisfaction and find a solution.

Those are the ways how a business organization can solve the problem of employee’s job dissatisfaction.