Internet Stunned by Miss Ukraine’s Inspiring Costume for Miss Universe 2023

Internet Stunned by Miss Ukraine’s Inspiring Costume for Miss Universe 2023

Miss Universe 2023: Viktoria Apanasenko, who is competing in the 71st Miss Universe pageant as Ukraine’s representative, completely wowed the crowd with her national costume ensemble. On January 11, the 28-year-old debuted the “Warrior of Light” costume at the competition in New Orleans, US. People can’t quit applauding her after her performance video went viral on the internet.

Victoria Apanasenko gave her national costume the moniker “Warrior of Light” and used it as a platform to promote strength and light. In an Instagram post, Apanasenko describes the sentiment and hope she wishes to portray by donning her traditional attire. The “Warrior of Light” costume personifies the inner fortitude of Ukrainians, as well as our courage, tenacity, and passion for the freedom that runs through us. We intended to convey the idea that conflict cannot sap our fortitude and taint our hearts as we were making this costume. Even in its flaming state, Ukraine will rise from the ashes like a phoenix and radiate kindness and faith. Additionally, it stands for every woman who defends her independence, rights, and future. She stated, “Each of us is The Warrior of Light.

The internet is buzzing with discussion on her performance video. It has received many responses from online users. A user posted, “both beautiful and strong. Ukraine is exactly how I picture her—a fighter for the light.” Yet another user said, “The St. Michael warrior outfit fits Miss Ukraine quite nicely. a harmonious fusion of male and female forces.”

Another user posted, “Dress is just gorgeous. An ideal illustration of struggle and success.”