It’s Simpler To Remove Your Information From Searches With Google’s New Tool

It’s Simpler To Remove Your Information From Searches With Google’s New Tool

A new tool that Google is introducing will make it simpler to erase your contact information and other sensitive data from its searches. The so-called “Results about you” tool, which the tech giant initially introduced back in May, is apparently now beginning to go live for select users, according to a report by 9to5Google.

Google already offers a method for requesting the removal of certain personal data from searches, but the procedure is very laborious and requires filing a removal request. If someone’s content puts their safety at risk, is out-of-date, or includes certain personally identifiable information like a home address, phone number, or email address, they can remove it.

After reviewing the request and determining whether the material is relevant to the public, such as newsworthy or official content, investigators will determine whether it is in the public interest. If it is, Google will notify you through email.

By enabling users to submit the request while using the Google App itself to browse, this new tool aims to make that procedure a little bit easier. In the top-right corner of each result, there is a three-dot menu that users can use to delete any information they wish from a Google Search.

From there, you may make a request and provide an explanation for why you want the result removed. If your request is granted, it won’t be completely removed from the internet—you’ll need to get in touch with the hosting website—but it won’t show up in Google searches.

Although it’s unclear when Google will make this tool available to everyone, it has apparently already been sent out to some people.