Nothing Sets July 27 Rollout for Noise-Canceling Ear (1) Earbuds

Nothing Sets July 27 Rollout for Noise-Canceling Ear (1) Earbuds

July 6, 2021 Hello and welcome to the Daily Crunch. We returned to the United States after the holidays. The news of global technology, the mind has not stopped it, so it has a lot to enter. Before we do, this weekend is another reminder of the early stages of TechCrunch – holding a session with Sarah Kunst, an enterprising capitalist about raising your humble slave funds. It’s rocking – Alex. Today’s top 3 conflicts are about between tech companies, between technology companies and governments, and between technology companies and their shareholders. Enjoy:

  • Box vs. Investor: Rounding out the coverage of our dispute, the latest from the box. The former cloud storage darling and current public enterprise productivity store box has been locked into a long debate with active worker investor Starboard. Today, Supernova Corporate has become the equivalent of releasing a tic-tac-toe video of his interactions with the box investment team, necessarily calling for their hypocrisy. This charge doesn’t mean much for the miracle capital pools looking for market returns above, but, hey, it has made some good headlines.
  • Government vs. Technology: The scrap between the Chinese government and Chinese ride-hailing company Didi continues to grow as new stores stop accepting new users to lose their place in app stores. Today the company’s stock is declining very fast. Read us? China’s official crackdown on technology has not ended, and Chinese companies that have come out publicly in the United States are hitting a pace described as glaciers. Related: Twitter vs India is still flowing, and it’s not going well.
  • Cloud mess: Remember that huge deal from the U.S. military to give the Cloud deal to a big technology company? Microsoft won; Amazon fits. And now no company will get a $10 billion deal. Vamp.

Earlier in the day, the news included several fundraising rounds, a neat new venture capital fund, and some SPAC news from Space (and Earth):

  • Wagmo $12.5M for better pet marriage: Insuretech hot market because insurance is a huge market. So big that even its sub-divisions are attracting startup competition. Wagmo – not Waimo, mind – wants to bring more pet services to its products to cover your pet more ol.
  • raises $7.2 million: Mexico City-based Insuretech put together a series of “managing general agents” approaches to provide startup coverage. The startup claims that it will be able to handle the entire user experience as a carrier directly to the user, but with a wide range of product choices provided by the aggregator.
  • Single.Earth raises $7.9M for crypto-carbon tokens: Here’s an idea I don’t fully understand: carbon connects credit to tokens that represent the real world this is the main point of Single.Earth, how it wants to vibrate that companies compensate for their carbon footprint. It uses merit tokens and is creating a “digital twin” in the natural world towards its website.