Optical Illusion Orangutan Shot Wins At Nature TTL Photographer of the Year

Optical Illusion Orangutan Shot Wins At Nature TTL Photographer of the Year

The breath-taking winners of TTL Photographer, depicting scenes of life, death and decay, have announced the nature of the 2021 competition. An optical illusion won a wonderful prize, a picture showing an orangutan rising upside down due to a very reflective pool that looks like the sky. 

Nature TTL reported that this year they received more than 8,000 photos from photographers around the world, but it Thomas Vijayan who won a £1,500 cash prize for his film The World Is Upside Down. In a statement sent to IFLScience, Vijayan of his winning image said, “This image means a lot to me because the population of Orangutan is currently declining at an alarming rate.”

“Forests and people are the main reason behind this. More than 1,000-year-old trees – a major resource on our planet – cut down for palm oil plants. As humans, we have plenty of options for oil replacement but the orangutans have no choice but to lose their homes. I am glad this image is a success, because it gives me a chance to spread it to a wider world.” Wide competition entries from a variety of categories including animal behavior, camera traps, landscapes, small worlds, night skies, underwater, urban wildlife and wild portraits make for an aesthetically pleasing virtual tour of the world, with some really fun shots, too. Here are a few for you to enjoy.

It is a tragic trombone noise for a fish in South Africa whose last moments Johan Wandrag surprised their picture Fish Coach Bye. In it, we see a crocodile in its mouth still ready to act like a fish fast. They say that a photo says a thousand words, but the mouth of this fish says only one and it is not a duck. Vijayan also received acclaimed accolades for all his fuzz for Fan, which shows a bunch of lungs hanging from a tree. A teenager who feels like the time of his life is swinging on the tails of two elderly people disturbs peace.