Rockstar Games’ New Job Listings Indicate Exciting Developments

Rockstar Games’ New Job Listings Indicate Exciting Developments

Rockstar Games LA, the company’s newest addition, is expanding its employment efforts. The studio, formerly known as Standard Deviation and situated in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, has just advertised job postings that indicate interesting developments in the gaming sector.

One of the current openings is for an Associate Writer who specializes in Pedestrian & Ambient Dialogue. This position provides an entry-level opportunity to collaborate with other writers to develop compelling and meaningful interactions with the game’s pedestrians. The description underlines the importance of having witty and character-driven language that suits the tone of Rockstar Games’ games. In addition, the chosen candidate will work with key stakeholders to achieve the technological requirements for player-led, dialogue-based interactions, all while working within the limits of a complicated game system. Furthermore, self-motivated research is encouraged in order to improve writing quality.

Rockstar Games’ New Job Listings Indicate Exciting Developments

In addition, the studio is looking for a Casting Assistant to help with the casting of NPCs and other voiceover roles that will be recorded in Los Angeles. This position will help to maintain the game’s world’s nuance and continuity. The chosen candidate will collaborate closely with the New York production crew, assisting in the casting of background voiceover jobs.

While fans speculate about the nature of these new positions, it is crucial to note that Rockstar Games has made no official statements concerning specific game titles. However, the fact that they are increasing their staff in order to fill these specific responsibilities signals that big projects are in the pipeline.

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