Seriously, it is Time to Get Rid of That Classic BlackBerry, for Real Now

Seriously, it is Time to Get Rid of That Classic BlackBerry, for Real Now

Tomorrow marks another milestone in the long, lonely death of the traditional BlackBerry brand when the firm officially shuts down legacy services. On Tuesday, January 4, users who are still on BlackBerry OS 7.1 and BlackBerry 10 will lose a lot of functionality. 

Key functions like as data, phone calls, SMS, and 911 accesses are included in the list but are not restricted to these. Therefore, you know all the things you can do with a phone. This decision has been a long time coming, according to the corporation. BlackBerry stopped producing its own hardware in 2016 and began licensing the brand to firms like TCL (which called it quits in 2020).

BlackBerry announced the shutdown on January 4, 2020, thus you cannot blame the firm for not providing adequate transition time. The statement goes on to say: We will be decommissioning legacy services for the BlackBerry 7.1 OS and older, BlackBerry 10 software, BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1, and prior versions, with an end of life or termination date of January 4, 2022, as another milestone in the BlackBerry journey. 

Devices that use these old services and software via a carrier or Wi-Fi connection will no longer work reliably after this date, including the data, phone calls, SMS, and 9-1-1 capabilities. As a gesture of gratitude to our valued partners and consumers, we have decided to extend our service until then.

There are many possibilities out there, while OnwardMobility, which promised a 5G BlackBerry-branded smartphone, has yet to make an announcement, after predicting one in 2021. There is also the OSOM gadget, which has a long history in Canada. However, that privacy-focused device will not introduce until the end of next month at Mobile World Congress. In the meanwhile, look back at the days when BlackBerry controlled the mobile world, as the phone of choice for global leaders, celebrities, and everyday people alike. Nothing gold, even physical keyboards, can last in the hardware world. BB classic, rest in peace, it has been genuine.