Tesla Autopilot is Mistaking the Moon for Amber Traffic Lights and Slowing Cars Down

Tesla Autopilot is Mistaking the Moon for Amber Traffic Lights and Slowing Cars Down

Technology like self-driving cars will always start with some wild flaws that need to be coveted, but when the system puts the lives of passengers in the hands of the new era, you can expect that these flaws are not too bad. Unfortunately for Tesla owners, the new self-driving system has come up with a “feature” that frightens owners – it misrepresents the full moon for amber traffic lights.

When the moon is low, bright, and especially yellow, the Tesla system mistaken it for amber light and repeatedly tries to slow down the car as it approaches the stoplight. Twitter user Jordan Nelson himself identified the dangerous error in a post directed at Elon Musk. The error is certainly less than ideal, but it is further emphasized by the fact that Tesla does not offer self-driving as a free technology. Instead, buyers of Tesla vehicles will have to pay a monthly subscription – $ 99 to $199 (£ 72 to £144) to access the feature.

This will probably not be a recurring problem, as the moon just sits in the sky in orange or yellow, or when part of the atmosphere changes aura. Tesla, the future maker of self-driving cars, is now facing a shock for an apparent error. Recently, a Tesla car made a mistake on the moon for a traffic signal.

Currently, wildfires in the United States have given the moon a pale yellow color. Many observers have simultaneously blamed the mischief of the natural satellite as a yellow traffic light. Tesla is famous for providing cars that are able to move freely, overcoming the limitations of car technology. The company also claims to have a strong series of safety measures to avoid accidents. But every now and then the stories of cars failing come to the fore.

Identifying the moon as a traffic light has been reported to cause problems in autopilot mode. Jason Nelson, a Tesla owner, misrepresented the moon for a yellow traffic light, depicting the vehicle of the future. Due to this the car starts to slow down.