The NPC God of War Ragnarok Sitting in the Backseat has a Twitch Streamer Incensed.

The NPC God of War Ragnarok Sitting in the Backseat has a Twitch Streamer Incensed.

As long as the live broadcast was watched by many people, sitting in the back seat was important. While chat can be helpful in some situations, streaming professionals who are attempting to learn the game independently may find it annoying to have to put in extra effort to sit in the backseat.

In God of War Ragnarok, allies frequently step in to inform the player what to do next or what they might need to have in order to move forward.

However, the game became too intense for Twitch streamer Elajjaz, who threatened to lower his voice volume to avoid fight talk.

God of War: Ragnarok’s NPC has one Twitch streamer upset. Taking a Seat in Back
God of War Ragnarok has a number of difficult boss battles with intricate systems that necessitate trial and error to fully comprehend the enemies’ capabilities.

Elajaz was upset because Freya, his virtual friend, was watching the boss fight from the back seat. She badgered Kratos (and subsequently the streamer) nonstop so he could parry the blows and dodge them properly.

The boss’s first combat with him is depicted on tape, but it ends abruptly with his demise. As more and more of Freya’s comments prompted him to take action, his frustration mounted.

Freya said something along the lines of, “Did Sparta teach you this? When he couldn’t physically approach the boss, he would sometimes yell, “Close your land!” But I can’t close the ground when there is an AoE in front of him, Ela yelled back at the NPC. Stop talking, this is absurd!

Ela’s chat interrupted and compared Freya to the people who would be in his chat if he were riding in the backseat. She can’t be avoided because she’s in the game. Even though he claimed to have enjoyed the fight by the time he had defeated Nidhegg, the streamer was unimpressed by Freya’s remark.