Tropical Humid Climates according to Koeppen’s Classification

Tropical Humid Climates according to Koeppen’s Classification

Tropical Humid Climates according to Koeppen’s Classification

Tropical humid climates exist between Tropic of Cancer and Tropic of Capricorn. The sun being overhead throughout the year and the presence of Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (INTCZ) make the climate hot and humid. Annual range of temperature is very low and annual rainfall is high. The tropical group is divided into three types, namely

(i) Af- Tropical wet climate;

(ii) Am – Tropical monsoon climate;

(iii) Aw- Tropical wet and dry climate.

Tropical Wet Climate (Af)

The tropical wet climate is found near the equator. The major areas are the Amazon Basin in South America, western equatorial Africa and the islands of East Indies. A significant amount of rainfall occurs in every month of the year as thundershowers in the afternoon. The temperature is uniformly high and the annual range of temperature is negligible. The maximum temperature on any day is around 30°C while the minimum temperature is around 20°C. Tropical evergreen forests with dense canopy cover and large biodiversity are found in this climate.

Tropical Monsoon Climate (Am)

Tropical monsoon climate (Am) is found over the Indian sub-continent, North Eastern part of South America and Northern Australia. Heavy rainfall occurs mostly in summer. Winter is dry. The detailed climatic account of this climatic type is given in the book on India: Physical Environment.

Tropical Wet and Dry Climate (Aw)

Tropical wet and dry climate occurs north and south of Af type climate regions. It borders with dry climate on the western part of the continent and Cf or Cw on the eastern part. Extensive Aw climate is found to the north and south of the Amazon forest in Brazil and adjoining parts of Bolivia and Paraguay in South America, Sudan and south of Central Africa. The annual rainfall in this climate is considerably less than that in Af and Am climate types and is variable also. The wet season is shorter and the dry season is longer with the drought being more severe. Temperature is high throughout the year and diurnal ranges of temperature are the greatest in the dry season. Deciduous forest and tree-shredded grasslands occur in this climate.