Viral article claims CERN is to Make Contact with a Parallel Universe

Viral article claims CERN is to Make Contact with a Parallel Universe

An article has circulated around the internet claiming that scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) are hoping to make contact with a “Pearl Universe” in a few days. Perhaps understandably, people are saying that this is not really the year for it, and a little less understandably believe that this could be what finally called Cthulu. So, in the words of Kent Brockman from The Simpsons, now is the time to blow each other’s heads off.

The experiment wasn’t even about “communicating” with the parallel universe, nor was it about “multiverse” as many explained it from the title.

It’s more than five years old, so unless they interact with a parallel universe and then put each other down either out of modesty or because it wasn’t actually quirky, it should be decided that nothing happened.  Like many other viral stories, this is nonsense.

Professor Mir Faizal from the University of Waterloo told, “Usually when people think of the multiverse, they think of multi-analysis of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is realized.” “It cannot be tested and so it is not philosophy and science.”

It has been repeatedly suggested that the universe may be filled with smaller black holes smaller than an atom, but their production and identification are particularly challenging.  What can be tested is the existence of additional dimensions if Faizal’s paper in Physics Letter B is correct.

If there are more dimensions – 10 dimensions involved, such as the string theory model of the universe – then LHC could theoretically create smaller black holes. Some scientists went further and said that it would have to create a smaller black hole about every second.  In the four-dimensional universe, you need 1016 TeV power to create black holes, even beyond the efficiency of the LHC.

As LHC energy and energy began to explode atoms together at higher and higher energies, it was hoped that the detection of smaller black holes around this energy would ensure the existence of additional levels. In 2015, no miniature black holes were detected. This is where Faizal’s paper came from. He and his co-authors believed that the energy needed to create smaller holes in a 10-dimensional universe was miscalculated, and could theoretically be produced only once the LHC went over 11.9 TeV.

“We have predicted that gravity may leak excessively, and if that happens, smaller black holes could be created in the LHC.” Parallel universes can also exist at higher levels, “Faizal told the Daily Mail, “Many parallel sheets of paper such as two-dimensional objects breath and length may be present in the third dimension height.

So scientists aren’t going to communicate in parallel universes, and they weren’t even in 2015. But at least it’s not as strange as the other articles we’ve seen about the LHC, including that they acknowledge the human sacrifice there and they opened a huge black hole in the sky, the first of which was actually a prank and then a cloud.