Zodiac Killer’s Final Two Messages May have been Decoded, and his Identity Finally Revealed

Zodiac Killer’s Final Two Messages May have been Decoded, and his Identity Finally Revealed

An engineer and amateur codebreaker believes he has cracked the final two scrambled messages of the zodiac killer, one of which appears to reveal his identity. In the late 1960s, early 1970s, a serial killer who moved under the pseudonym “Zodiac in California” killed at least five people in California. At the time of his release, the assassin sent tensed messages to presses written through a cipher, replacing letters for different letters or numbers (or in the case of the zodiac assassin, a series of symbols).

The first letters were sent to the Gulf region in three papers, each with a separate part of the cipher. The papers printed ciphers (or cryptograms) as the zodiac threatened to kill again if his instructions were not followed. This cipher, which is simpler than the next attempt, was handled a week later by Donald Jean and Betty Jun Harden on August 8, 1969. Read this:

“I kill people, because it does so much work that it can’t be killed, because it can kill people, because people have to be the most dangerous animal to kill something. The part is that when I die I will renew in Paradise and after killing all my slaves I will not get my name you cannot try to remove my name or pick my stop Afterlife EBEORIETEMETHHPITI “.

Based on that, it’s highly unbelievable that he was able to come up with a complex cipher enough to fool the FBI over the years, but he didn’t try to double-check his spelling quickly, or ask a friend: “Look, the content is very Try not to read too much but you can check how quickly my grammar is correct “. Nevertheless, after years and years of work by codebreakers, more messages have been sent from Decipher to the end of 2020.

Now, Fayal Ziraoui claims that he cracked the final two messages in just two weeks using the encryption key in December. (To understand the rest of the article, you can take a look at the key for yourself). The main problem with final messages is length. The Z13 message is only 13 characters long, which makes it more complicated to determine what the cipher might be. This is especially frustrating, as the previous message revealed the name of the zodiac.