Announcement Letter of New Employee Joining to Staff

Announcement Letter of New Employee Joining to Staff

Announcement Letter of New Employee Joining to Staff

[Below briefly focus on sample Announcement Letter of New Employee Joining to Staff members or on notice board or in the form of a memo to all staff of the office, company or factory. You can follow this sample as an announcement of a new CEO, Announcement of a new manager, and the Announcement of the new supervisor is compulsory in some offices by HR. You can modify these sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

All Staff and Supervisor…

Department name…

Company/Institute name…

Subject: Announcement Letter of New Employee Joining

Dear Staffs,

(New Employee name) is joining (Company/Institute name) to fill our open position in (Job Position and Department name). His/her first joining/introducing day is (Day and date). (Describe in your words).

(New Employee name) has worked for a number of years in (Job Position) and we are delighted to welcome him/her to the (Department name). S/he will participate in the employee onboarding activities for his/her first couple of weeks on the job. (Describe all about the situation). (New Employee name) will work closely with other 9Explain job responsibilities). S/he will work in the (department Name) wing.  (Describe your greetings and requirements).

Thanks for joining me in welcoming (New Employee name) to the team.


Your name…

Department Manager (Job Designation)



Another Format,

Date: DD/MM/YY

All Teacher and Supervisor…

School/Institute name…

Subject: Announcing the newly appointed staff at (Branch/Department name)

Respected Sir,

After collecting and shortlisting the CV’s collected by our branch, we had successful meetings with the candidates. (Describe in your words). By the conclusion from the interactions with the candidates, we selected a number of candidates for the lectureship at middle and senior school. 9Describe all about the situation). We allowed them for a trial session of 2 days respectively and the staff that gave out the appropriate lecture with appropriate skills, we allowed them to begin the session with the respective classes and subjects. (Job responsibilities). The selected staff is being announced and we require permission from the head office to begin our session for the academic year (Period). Following are the names of the staff with respective qualifications, subjects, and classes.

[Selected Person name, Job Designation and Department name…]

[Selected Person name (2), Job Designation and Department name…]

*** *** ***

Kindly approve the announced staff. Any required detail shall be sent for any quarry. (Describe your requirements). The previous staffs have been running successful and they are continuing this session for their respective subjects.

Your name…

Your name…

Branch Manager (Job Designation)