Binomial Nomenclature

Name of a living thing consisting of two parts – Generic (Genus) Species name (Species) together make a complete name of living things. For example Artocarpus heterophyllus is the scientific name of Jackfruit.

In this name there are two words, first one is Artocarpus and the second one is heterophyllus. This type of nomenclature, i.e. one name consisting of two words, is called Binomial Name and the method of naming living things by two words is called Binomial System of Nomenclature or Binomial Nomenclature. ICBN formulate the regulations of giving a scientific name to a plant or a animal. According to ICBN a scientific name (Botanical name) of a living thing:


  1. Shall be binomial.
  2. Shall be in Latin.
  3. The first name, the generic name, should be started with a capital letter and the second name, the specific name, should be written with a small letter.
  4. Shall be written in Roman letters.
  5. Shall be printed in Italic form i.e. bending at right.
  6. In case of hand writing names should be underlined.