Sample Re-Designation Letter Format

Sample Re-Designation Letter Format

Sample Re-Designation Letter Format

[Re-designation Letter is written by employer/company authority or from the concerned Department to the employee in order to re-promote, re-designate on change on his job role or position on the basis of his or her performance. Here briefly focus on Sample Re-Designation Letter Format. This letter is to provide the re-designation of the employee. You can modify this sample as your requirement.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Ms./Mr. (Employee name)

Address and Contact Info…

Sub: You’re Re-Designation to Position of (Job Designation)

Dear (name)

We are pleased to inform you that you have been re-designated as “(Position name)” and your services are hereby confirmed w.e.f (Date). (Describe in your words).

All the other terms and condition which is detailed in your Appointment Letter remains unchanged. (Describe all about the terms and conditions). You will be entitled to (***) Casual Leaves and (***) Sick Leaves annually.

Your Performance Appraisal shall be done on (Date). Your Job responsibilities or the Key Result Areas for your Appraisal are attached herewith. (Describe all about the situation). You will be reporting to the Head (Department Name).

Please signify your acceptance of these terms and conditions by signing the enclosed duplicate and returning it to us. (Describe on Requirements).

(Company Name) congratulates you on your Re-designation and the organization wishes you a long term career with us. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectations).

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name…

Job Designation…

(Department Name, (e.g., Human Resources)


[I accept the above-mentioned terms and conditions on confirmation to the position of (Insert Position).]

Date: DD/MM/YY

Signed: — — —


Another Format,

Date: DD/MM/YY

MR./MS. (Name)

Department Name…


Dear (name),

We are delighted to inform you that keeping in view your half-yearly feedback shared by Vice President-VM, you shall be re-designated as (Job Designation, e.g., General Manager, XYZ Region), with effect from (date). (Describe in your words).

Also, you shall be eligible for yearly incentive as per the revised responsibilities that you shall be entrusted, with effect from (Date). (Describe all about the terms and conditions).

All the other terms and conditions of your Appointment Letter remain unchanged. (Describe all about the situation).

We look forward to your valuable contributions and wish you all the very best for a rewarding career with the organization. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectations).

Please sign both copies of this letter and Keep one copy for your record and submit one copy of this letter for the Company record. (Describe on Requirements).


Your Name…

Job Designation…

Department name…

Contact Info. and Signature…