Apple Unveils Online Training to Close IT Skills Gap around Managing Apple Devices

Apple Unveils Online Training to Close IT Skills Gap around Managing Apple Devices

There is a shortage of IT professionals, as there is with many other specialized occupations today. The need for someone who can service and manage these devices has grown as more people use Apple products at work, whether they be PCs, phones, or tablets. Even if the economy may be in a slump right now, this doesn’t really affect the numbers when it comes to the IT skills gap we are now experiencing, which is predicted to last until the end of the decade.

Apple declared that it has revised its certification and training for IT professionals and management who are using Apple devices in order to solve this issue. This involves the addition of two particular online courses: Apple Deployment and Management and Apple Device Support. The training is now available online and may be completed at your own speed. With two additional examinations, users may further prove their proficiency and obtain an Apple certification, according to the business.

According to Susan Prescott, vice president of enterprise and education marketing at Apple, the corporation is only responding to market demand with these upgraded products, providing individuals the chance to conveniently train for high-paying positions. “Apple Professional Training assists anybody with a passion for technology in pursuing high-paying IT professions with credentials that will stand out to potential employers, whether they are upgrading their skill set or changing fields.”

She claims that by making the programs available online, a far larger audience may benefit from them. The new courses are self-paced and freely available because “we believe passionately in inclusivity in technology, and we are aiming to guarantee that capacity to pay is not a barrier to gaining Apple certification,” she said in a statement.

Since the courses are designed to build upon one another, you should start with the more fundamental Apple Device Support course before moving on to the Apple Deployment Management course. The courses are accessible online at starting today for a price of $149 each. You can learn all you need to know about the technology with Apple training, on your schedule and online. With self-paced, online courses, you control your study schedule. Proctored certification tests can be taken at home or at work. Display your validated digital badge on any professional networking site after passing an exam.