Candidate Nomination Letter for Leadership Role

Candidate Nomination Letter for Leadership Role

Candidate Nomination Letter for Leadership Role

[A nomination is an act of officially suggesting or sponsoring someone for a position, role or for a prize and award. Here briefly focus on sample Candidate Nomination Letter for Leadership Role. The nomination letter should begin with a concise opening statement that briefly states why the nominee deserves an award. It demonstrates the qualities the nominee holds that make him deserve the award. A nomination letter can be written by anybody who has the capacity to nominate somebody else. You can modify this sample as your requirement.]

Dated: DD/MM/YY


Name of the Person…

Job Designation…

Department name…

Sub: Nomination Letter for Leadership Role as (Employee name)

Dear (Name/Sir),

Due to the new position available in our offices, I would like to nominate Mr. (Name) as (Designation). With full confidence, I recommend him to fulfill the position of team lead (Department name) for your company. (Describe in your words). The reason I am doing this is that this person is a perfect match for this position. He is one of the highly qualified people, I have ever known as well as a very active member of our group. (Describe your cause and overall situation). He is cooperative and assistive with anything that the team needs, and he exhibits a passion for team development. I believe that he has all the necessary skills and qualifications to present this position. He excels at supervising, guiding and motivating other members of the team. (Express your expectation). He has great leadership and motivational skills that are essential for this position.

I truly hope that my colleague will be chosen for that nomination since I honestly believe that the company needs a general director like him. He is a natural leader and problem solver, easily identifying and proposing solutions to any road bumps that the team hits along the way.

There is a need for someone who will do his best for the welfare of each of us and the company in general. We need a leader and motivator in order to step ahead. More than once, he’s guided the group back to the immediate topic at hand when its focus had begun to err off track.

I want to wish the support to all the participants for the nomination. (Cordially describe your expectation). A more dedicated team player than (Employee name) you could not find.

Sincerely Yours,

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Organization Name…