Organizational Behavior

Discuss the importance of value

Importance of Value

  • Goals for Achievement:

Values are goals set for achievements and they motivate, define and color all our activities cognitive, affective and connective. They are described as the socially defined desires and goals that are internalized through the process of conditioning, learning & socialization.

  • To Meet the challenges of the times:

Every Country develops its own system of education to express and promote its unique Socio-Cultural identity and also to meet the challenges of the times.

  • Guide your life:

they could guide your life minute by minute towards noble goals, rather than your life being controlled by self-serving motives, customs, accidental occurrences, bad habits, impulses, or emotions. You have to know where you are going before you can get there.

  • Doing Meaningful deeds:

Values and morals can not only guide but inspire and motivate you, giving you energy and a zest for living and for doing something Sensitivity to a failure to live up to your basic values may lead to unproductive guilt or to constructive self-dissatisfaction which motivates you to improve.