Organizational Behavior

Difference between Formal and Informal Groups

Formal Group vs. Informal Group: The two are different in very many ways-

Formal Group:

  • Meaning: Groups created by the organizers on, for the purpose of accomplishing a specific task are known as Formal Groups.
  • Formation: Deliberately
  • Size: Large
  • Life:  Depends on the type of group
  • Structure: Well Defined
  • Importance is given to:  Position
  • Relationship: Professional
  • Communication: Moves in a defined direction.

Informal Group:

  • Meaning: Groups created by the employees themselves, for their own sake are known as Informal Groups.
  • Formation: Voluntarily
  • Size: Comparatively small.
  • Life:  Depends on the members.
  • Structure: Ill-Defined
  • Importance is given to:   Person
  • Relationship: Personal
  • Communication: Stretches in all the directions.