Learn the Key Concepts of Structural Engineering for Only $20

Learn the Key Concepts of Structural Engineering for Only $20

Interested in structural engineering? How do you know something, but lack the knowledge to do your dream job? You don’t have to go back to school to get ahead in the industry. With the right course load and some discipline you can turn from the comfort of your own home office or kitchen table into an engineering pro. Get the Structural Engineering and Analysis Bootcamp bundle now and start prep for a successful future. This course pack includes 62 hours of industry-standard, basic and advanced functions – designed to speed up your own time.

These on-demand lessons are conducted by a highly-rated professional structural engineer (dubbed civil engineer’s destination), so you know you’re not only getting the top idea, but also learning from a pro’s real-life experience. A 5-star course at Point in the Itabus will help you master this innovative leading software that is widely used in the industry. As your basics go down, you’ll learn more about high-rise and residential building design, modeling, and structural analysis at ETABS.

Another important area of ​​study, the 4.9-star course in SAP 2000, dives deeper into the most important things a civil engineer needs to know about steel structure design. This bundle takes you from a beginner to an advanced level of Tekla structural designer. You will follow the 4.1-star course on how to use the industry-critical software, from the basics of modeling to designing the right foundation, beam, and columns.

In the vein of industry-leading software, you will also learn how to use AutoCAD 2D and 3D efficiently. The 4.7-star crash course includes the basic commands of AutoCAD in 3D as well as how to create doors and blocks, define limitations and add new layers. No classroom is needed to master the concepts of structural engineering, just this bundle and determination to get it done.

All of the courses in this bundle are taught by experts in their field, including Civil Engineer Destination, a professional structural engineer with a 4.1 / 5 star instructor rating from previous students, and a 4.3 / 5 rating by Noman Azam, a Matlab professor who has taught more than 10,000 students online.