Storz & Bickel New Mighty+ Vape Features Faster Heating, USB-C and UL Certification

Storz & Bickel New Mighty+ Vape Features Faster Heating, USB-C and UL Certification

Storz & Bickel have finally upgraded the Mighty vaporizer. Despite its bulky physical shape and industry-leading pricing, the original reached the market in October 2014 and instantly became a fan favorite. Users cite the vapor quality, ventilation, and certification as medical equipment as the main reasons for purchasing the vape.

The Mighty+ is the updated version, which has a ceramic-coated chamber, USB-C charging, a 60-second starting time, and a new mode that boosts the current temperature rapidly. Yes, this version does have little feet that allow it to stand vertically on a table. The Mighty+ has a $399 MSRP and will release on September 23.

Two of the company’s other products were also upgraded. The Volcano now comes in matte black, and the Crafty+ has a ceramic filling chamber and USB-C charging, which cuts charging time in half.

Storz & Bickel was able to obtain the Mighty+ approved by UL, a multinational safety certification firm located in the United States. The Mighty+ complies with UL8139, making it the first dry herb vaporizer to bear the UL badge. The UL certification is important to S&B. 

With a TUV certification certifying two of its vapes, the Mighty and Volcano, like medical equipment, the firm has long set itself apart from its competitors. The Mighty+’s components have received the UL seal of approval, indicating that they meet the testing agency’s safety criteria for electrical, heating, battery, and charging systems.

“The Underwriters Lab (UL) issued a certification, and that established a bullseye target for us,” said Andy Lytwynec, VP of Global Vape Business at Canopy Growth. We just recently received certification after a lot of engagement with them.”

S&B sees people evaluating vaporizer alternatives more than ever before, according to Lytwynec, and believes the UL certification provides owners further piece of mind that the gadget will not collapse in their pocket. 

“For S&B, we believe it’s the start of a trend in the vaporizer industry for customers to be a little more careful and thoughtful, asking questions like, ‘Wait a second, has a third party truly gone through the rigors of testing this?'”

The Mighty+’s new features are iterative improvements based on client input. The gadget charged by USB-C, which can charge it to 80% in 40 minutes. It also heats up in 60 seconds, and pressing the temperature button three times unlocks an even faster “Superbooster” mode that raises the temperature by 59 degrees in a matter of seconds. The filling chamber is now covered with ceramic, which should make keeping the oven clean a little simpler.

Mighty fans will be upset to see that the original’s bright LED is still present. Some customers complain that the screen is overly bright in a dark environment and that it is vulnerable to UV radiation, which causes the displays to fade when used outside. In addition, the battery mechanism looks to be a holdover from the original.

Except for the inclusion of little feet, the form factor remains the same. Without a third-party stand, the original cannot stand on its own, making filling the top-mounted bowl difficult. The Mighty+ now has little fins to help it stand on its own. What effect do the adjustments have on performance? Unfortunately, I will not be able to inform you until next week, when I receive the device.

I inquired about Lytwynec’s decision to employ plastic in the Mighty’s top-mounted cooling chamber. I said that competitors are switching to glass or ceramic for better flavor. S&B is keen on using materials that allow its products to approve as medical devices, according to Lytwynec. 

The Mighty+ constructed of a novel plastic polymer, and S&B focused on using materials that allow its devices to certify as medical devices. Although the firm is aware of third-party accessories, it believes that the present cooling chamber provides the best value to the customer.