What is Fax?

Fax: Fax is the short form of facsimile. It is used to send a document as it is, without any change.

Fax is such an electronic system through which any information, picture diagram or writing can be sent by copying it as it is. Any original document can be reproduced with the help of this machine. Though the fax machine was invented in 1842, its journey started in 1930.The scientist Alexander Bain invented fax.


How Fax works: Modem fax machine is an ultra modern technology of electro optical machine. Here the original document is scanned through electronic process. Then, the scanned signal is transformed into binary signal. This signal is sent using standard modem device through telephone. The receiver of fax machine receives the transmitted electronic signal through modem and converts it into original document by demodulating it. A printer prints out this document just as it is.