Order Primates

It is an order coming under the subclass Eutheria. This order is of interest because it includes man, besides lemurs, tarsiers, monkeys and apes. They inhabit chiefly the warmer parts of the world. This group stands first in the animal kingdom in brain development. However, most of them are unspecialized and tree dwelling (arboreal). Primates are omnivorous in habit. The body is covered with hairs except palm, sole and parts of face. The neck is mobile. The forelimbs are shorter than the hindlimb. The limbs have five digits and all the digits end in flat nail.

The pollex or thumb or first toe are smaller than other digits and are opposable (except the hallux of man). The brain is highly developed. The cerebral hemispheres are much convoluted and cover the cerebellum. The eyes are directed forward and the vision is binocular and stereoscopic. Mammae are two and thoracic in position. To know: