Rootly Nabs $3.2M Seed to Build SRE Incident Management Solution inside Slack

Rootly Nabs $3.2M Seed to Build SRE Incident Management Solution inside Slack

As companies look for ways to respond to the occurrence of their complex microservices-driven software stack, SRE – the site reliability engineer – is left to do everything possible and address the issues involved in running and running the application. Basically, a new startup wants to help by creating event-response solutions within Slack. Today the company grew from stealth with an investment of 3.2 million seeds. XYZ Venture Capital has led this phase with the participation of 8VC, Y Combinator and multiple independent technology executives.

Rutley co-founder and CEO Quentin Rousseau said he cut his SRE teeth while working at InstaCart. When he joined in 2015, the company was processing hundreds of orders a day, and by the time he left in 2018, it had processed thousands. His job is to make sure that the application works for shoppers, customers and even after scaling in stores. He said he learned to see patterns in the way people reacted to problems when he was on Instacart, and he started working on a side project to bring the response process inside Slack under control.

He was associated with co-founder JJ Tang, who started at InstaCart after Rousseau left in 2018, and the two decided to start Rutley to address this unique issue facing SREs in the immediate aftermath of the incident. “Basically we want people to manage and solve events directly on the slacks. On top of that we don’t want to add another layer of complexity. We think there are already a lot of tools out there and when there is chaos and things are on fire, you really want to focus quickly on the solution part of it. So we’re really trying to focus on the slack experience,” Rusi explained.

The key solution is to help SRIs quickly connect to their various tools inside Slack, whether it’s Cumin or Gendesk or Datadog or PagerDuty, and it compiles an incident report based on conversations going on inside Slack around resolving the incident. It will help when the team meets for an on-site autopsy investigation after the problem has been resolved.