Sample Withholding Annual Increment Order Letter Format

Sample Withholding Annual Increment Order Letter Format

Sample Withholding Annual Increment Order Letter Format

[Withholding salary increment can be one of the terms/conditions of service in the letter of appointment/employment contract. Order of withholding annual increment is the order which mentions that your increment is on hold due to the performance issue. Here briefly focus on Sample Order of withholding annual increment Letter Format. Basically this letter is provided by an employer to an employee to give a chance to improve their performance. This is a warning sign from the employer end which you need to perform. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs.]

Date: DD/MM/YY


Mr./Ms. (Employee name)

Job Designation…

Department Name…

Sub: Order of Withholding Annual Increment/(S)

Dear (Mr./Mrs. Name)

This letter is written in continuation of the accusation sheet issued to you on (DATE) & the Enquiry held into the charges, this is to notify you that we were contented that you are found accountable (Cause) of the charges leveled against you and rigorous retribution including dismissal/discharge can be inflicted upon you. (Describe in your words with brief explanation).

Although, after going through your previous record and considering the misconduct by you the undersigned decide that this time a light punishment will meet the ends of justice. (Explain all about the situation). Therefore, it has been decided to hold your annual increment for (***) months/years. (Describe actual cause and condition).

During the time period for which your increment is on hold, the management will notice your performance and if the management found your performance acceptable your increment will be reconsidered a the end of the given period. (Focus on an official decision and your recommendation).


Your Name…

Job Designation…


Cc: − The Accounts department for information & necessary action.