The first 100 percent confirmed video of a fully functional flying saucer

The first 100 percent confirmed video of a fully functional flying saucer
Demonstrating an ADIFO (All Direction Flying Object) prototype, the team said a full-scale model would create “an example of a new and revolutionary aircraft” and fly like UFOs described in fiction for decades. A team of Romanian scientists and engineers has created the first, hyper-maneuverable flying saucer of its kind.

Finally, we have to be absolutely 100 percent sure of the first fully functional flying saucer. Before you cancel your attempt to run Naruto in Area 51 to find the Alien version we should probably mention that this particular flying saucer was man-ade.

At lower altitudes and speeds, the snowman uses fake fans, as you would see in a typical quadrangle. At higher speeds and altitudes, it uses jet engines loaded on the back of the saucer. Their claim is that using all the methods of thrust at once, the ADIFO can perform unique stinginess “higher than any known aircraft” with complete aerobics while suddenly stopping at speed while maintaining altitude and flying in the opposite direction. The vehicle also has a side nozzle, which allows it to make sudden vertical or horizontal movements at high speeds, much like a flying saucer in a sci-fi movie.

“The only limitation of intervention is the pilot’s imagination. Romanian engineer Razvan Sabie and pediatrician Iosif Taposu, who are behind the creation, said in a full-size version of the aircraft. “Indeed, the ADIFO is a specially announced wing with high flight performance. Let’s say it’s the world’s first “flying saucer” that really flies and it’s designed to reach even higher performance in very close to performance described in related popular cultures.” The team wrote a video of their project as well, which is the result of more than two decades of work, “The name ADIFO comes from the All Direction Flying Object. ADIFO is the world’s first flying VTOL aircraft, capable of flying in all directions, under the same aerodynamic features.”

Engineers say a full-scale version will not create a shock wave on the surface of a disc or a sonic boom. The next stage in the development of the motherboard report will be further testing and simulation to ensure disk efficiency at transonic and supersonic speeds. The team says the aircraft has potential applications for combat as an unmanned aerial vehicle, an unmanned warplane and even a fighter jet, its signature on the radar is low such radar signals weaken on disk-shaped objects and are mostly reflected away. There have been several attempts in the past to create flying saucers that have never really stopped, before the arousal and cancellation of your order for the deadly conventional military drone America looking at you, the motherboard report includes a cool and retro look. But in the end useless crafts from the US military.