AI Will Make History As The First Witness Before The UK House Of Lords

AI Will Make History As The First Witness Before The UK House Of Lords

The first AI robot to testify before the UK’s House of Lords as part of an ongoing investigation into how artificial intelligence can affect the art industry will make history. Ai-Da, a humanoid artistic robot that earlier this year produced an impressive but somewhat abstract portrait of the late Queen Elizabeth II, will be questioned about the potential for AI to enter the creative industries, how intellectual property might be handled in relation to AI content, and how technology might be used to create art.

Ai-Da Robot designer Aiden Miller said in a statement to Sky News that it is “quite mind-blowing” that Ai-Da is testifying at one of these sessions.

“[A few years ago] you wouldn’t have even imagined this was feasible, but it just goes to show how far AI has come. It’s very amazing. These technological advancements, particularly in the field of creativity, are very “wow.” It utilizes data and detects patterns in data that are invisible to people.

The action comes after a headline-grabbing AI artist last month won an art competition using just computer-generated graphics and a few minor tweaks, setting off a major uproar among human artists. Even while some judges were aware of the art’s AI roots, some weren’t, and even if they had been, it wouldn’t have affected their judgment. However, several artists had some stern words to say regarding the usage of technology in this situation.

The person who created it by typing words into the AI is not an artist, but the AI itself is not a person. They didn’t make anything. They, at best, worked together. Because there isn’t a person on the other end, they can claim credit for the partnership. This ought to be prohibited. It’s awful,” tweeted comic book artist Chris Shehan.