This website mimics the pain of loading the internet in the 90s

This website mimics the pain of loading the internet in the 90s
The sound you dial on the Internet was the first step in the painful process of trying to visit any website not even Netflix, just an image can take a few minutes to load. Then, if anyone in your family needs to use the telephone at the same time (probably the big spinning wheel rotary dial telephone these teens are struggling to use in the “funny” video below that dusted me off) it was, or was it more internet for you. Humanity improved to a point in the nineties when we wanted to develop rockets, nuclear power, and even Spice Girls, but not enough to
be able to use the Internet and a phone at the same time.

If you’re young but you want to feel the slow, slow internet speed that we have back in the 90s, you’re in luck. A new website mimics a painful experience so you can. These were really dark days when a 28.8 kbps modem could set you back around $500. I don’t want to go there again without some warning about getting too close to the cough bats.

“One of the things most websites try to do is try to serve the page as soon as possible. So I’ve decided to do the opposite. I’ve created a website that goes as slowly as possible for people,” said creator Terrence Eder. Explained in the post, you can check it out at, but as Eder says, you have to be patient. “It provides a page at about 175 bits per second. Yes, bits are not bytes,” Eder wrote.

The project must provide an authentic experience of image loading as well as explain how it works as well as it is worth a reasonable amount of your time. Eder said he first wanted to use it as an HTML teaching aid before deciding to practice it in frustration. “Can slower things make the web calmer and less disturbing? Will it become a more thoughtful place to engage in dialogue? It looks great,” he said.”Perhaps, the lockdown sent me a gentle loop”.