The new Smartphone developed by Pablo Escobar’s brother is the Samsung Rapid Foil

The new Smartphone developed by Pablo Escobar’s brother is the Samsung Rapid Foil
Following the collapse of the cocaine business, the brother of former drug lord Pablo Escobar is now padding the line of his smart phones, including a new handset with some gold-colored foil stuck across the logo just. Given his track record with shady merchandise sales, Roberto Escobar’s latest product shouldn’t be a casualty to learn that he’s not completely legitimate. Escobar Inc. launched its first foldable phone – the Escobar Fold 1 – in December last year, although customers immediately noticed that the model was simply a rebranded Royal Flexy.

The phone was found exclusively through the Escobar Inc. website and with an initial production of 200,000, recently reviewed by YouTuber Marcus Brownlee, who was able to throw out the gold sticker to reveal the Samsung logo hidden below. The company, neglected in their inability to fool anyone, announced the launch of Escobar Fold 2 last month.

All of these factories only have a lot of technology; no one is buying anything in China from secondary factories. We will reduce prices and offer clients direct discounts under the Escobar brand umbrella. “Roberto Escobar – his biography on the agency’s website described him as a former accountant and chief of the Madeleine Cartel assassination – released a statement announcing the release of the phone, saying: My goal this year is to become an overstock kingpin.

That’s how Escobar Inc. managed to sell its handset for just $399, while Samsung sold its folding smartphone almost four times more, he said. Brownlee has some more thoughts on how to be able to sell Escobar Inc. in disguised Samsung Galaxy Folds for this low price. But after explaining how an agency initially took his money without sending him a phone call.

“My theory is that they’re going through orders, the names of people in YouTuber or tech media, or people who think they’ve got the phone and they’re shipping and talking about the phone without just shipping, he said. Surprisingly, Roberto Escobar is made when it comes to trying to snatch other people’s products. Last year, he launched a reconnected version of the Flamethrower at Elon Musks Knott, claiming he first invented it. He even threatened to sue the SpaceX founder if he did not pay him $100 million for stealing the idea.

Despite its reliance on South Korean manufacturers, Escobar Inc. has made great strides in anti-Samsung messaging, describing Escobar Fold 2 as “The Real Samsung Killer” and RIP has released a video called Samsung, showing women wearing scaly clothes, Beating Samsung products with a sledgehammer. Roberto Escobar was one of the key figures in the Madeleine Cartel before he renewed himself as a technologist.