AICPA Ethical Principles

AICPA Ethical Principles

AICPA Ethical Principles: There are many AICPA ethical principles. Some are given below

Responsibilities: In carrying out their responsibilities as professionals, members should exercise sensitive professionals and moral judgments in all their activities.

The public interest: Members should accept the obligation to act in the way that will serve the public interest.

Integrity: To maintain and broaden public confidences members should perform all professional responsibilities with the highest sense of integrity.

Objectivity and independence: A member should maintain objectivity and be free of conflicts of interest in discharging professional responsibilities.

Due care: A member should observe the professions technical and ethical standards. This is achieved through continuing education, seeking consultation when needed, ensuring adequate planning and supervision, performing annual performance evaluations, and cultivating experience with inter-firm mentoring relationships.

Scope and Natural services: A member in a public practice should observe the principles of the code of professional conduct in determining the scope sad are of services to be provided.