Closteridium Bacteria

Innumerable Bacteria are surrounding us even inside our body. As a representative of Bacteria, the structure and importance of Closteridium IS described here.

Structural features:

  1. It is rod-shaped and unicellular.
  2. They live in the intestine of the human being, other animal or even in soil.
  3. They are without photosynthetic pigments.
  4. They are prokaryotic, i.e. there is no nuclear membrane and nucleolus in their cell.
  5. There are flagella around the cell wall.
  6. They are anaerobic, Gram-positive and Spore producing.


Importance of Closteridium:

Closteridium tetani are the causal bacteria of tetanus and Closteridlum botullnum is the causal organism for botulism (Food Poisoning)