An Evolving Business Role

An Evolving Business Role

An Evolving Business Role

A Business Role can be a person or machine. One person can be a member of multiple business roles (e.g. Sales executive and Employee), and several persons can be a member of the similar business role. Roles are collections of activities which allow a user to use one or more business scenarios of an organization. As society changed, it was inevitable that business’s role within it would need to be reconsidered are given below:-

(a) Some Insights from Systems thinking: a systems framework has been particularly helpful to businessmen in perceiving their broader socio-economic role. The system insights also help businessmen see the extended social effects of regular business activities.

(b) Profit Making and Social Involvement: The modem business role is a combination of profit-making and social involvement. It helps to a major change in business role. As a minimum, there is some recognition of the influence of social goals on business decision making.

(c) Two Areas for Social Action: in the expanding social role of business two areas for social responsibility and action are developing dot are given below:

  • Social responsibility for business degradation of both the social and physical environments.
  • The action is social responsibility for adding to the general quality of life.

(d) Defining the Quality of life: “Quality of life” is frequently offered as a social goal. The quality of life as the social goals sought by people. We can say that quality of life means a social system which has freedom, high purpose, relative affluence, and people living in harmony with their inner spirit, their fellow man, and nature’s physical environment.

(e) Alternative Responses Available to Business: There are some approaches which are responding to the social demands, that are given below:

  • Withdrawal approach: It is the approach by which business recedes further into its own shell, reducing its interface with social and trying to mind its own business.
  • Public relations approach: It is the increases communication between public and business but does not increase its response to change.
  • Legal approach: Business must depend on the law because the law is amended very slowly in a large social system.
  • Bargaining approach: Bargaining is important for every business and it is created by negotiating.
  • Problem-solving: In this approach, the business makes a genuine study of society and business values and needs and then it attempts to reconcile them in constructive ways.