Application for School Leaving Certificate with Complaint or Dissatisfaction

Application for School Leaving Certificate with Complaint or Dissatisfaction

Application for School Leaving Certificate with Complaint or Dissatisfaction

[Every student has the right to study in a school of his or her choice and the school cannot withhold school leaving certificate and must provide it to the student. A student or parent can send this type of letter with show particular Complaint or Dissatisfaction. Consider if writing a letter to your principal is the best option to solve your specific problem. Here briefly focus on sample Application for School Leaving Certificate with Complaint or Dissatisfaction. You need to modify this sample according to your needs.]

Date: DD/MM/YY

The Principal,

School/Institute name…


Sub: Letter for School Leaving Certificate

Respected (Sir/Principal),

My son/daughter is studying in your school for three years (more/less) now, but unfortunately I am not seeing any further improvement (Show your cause) in their academics as according to my requirements and as well as fees which I am depositing does not reflect in the behavior and performance of my children. (Describe in your words).

Neither am I not satisfied by academics nor am I satisfied by your school’s environment as many teachers are not focusing on the development of students as well as many other students have been bullying my children. (Describe actual problem and situation). Your teachers are often on a leave so this really shows the lack of commitment the teachers have when it comes to actually provide knowledge to the children. (Focus all about the situation, regarding this). Moreover, your school is increasing fees almost every other month without any previous notices. Hence, not only is this burdening out finances but the overall behavior itself is highly unprofessional. (Focus on any other current issue).

I request you to please issue school leaving certificates of my kids and please change your school’s policies so that there is no favoritism, so they may not leave your school in a short time. (Describe your requirements). As per my observation, your school is not focusing on providing quality education to the students. (Explain your recommendation).

I write this all to acknowledge why I want my kids to leave school. I hope you will consider my complaint as a suggestion and improve your educational standards as well as your school’s overall environment. (Describe your greetings and requirements).

Looking to receive a leaving certificate on a priority basis.

Thanking you,

Your name…

Father/Mother of (write her children’s name and school IDs)

Address and Contact Info…