Basis of Promotion

Basis of Promotion

Promotion means the employees present position to higher position. This may be the result of either a successful application for an advertised vacancy or, where appropriate, personal promotion. The purposes and advantages of promotions are to: recognize employee’s performance and commitment and motivate him towards better performance. The major objective of a promotion is to defend the right, the superiority of a worker and keep his/her support seat in the parent department when an employee reverts to his/her parent department.

The basis of promotion: In many cases, the success of an organization depends heavily on Promotion. That is why Promotion decision is important as like as choice and selection of employees. Generally, Promotion depends on some issues which are as follows:

(A) Seniority;

(B) Merits or ability;

(C) Combinations of seniority and merits;

(A) Promoting on the basis of seniority: According to this rules concentrates on job time. i.e. how many/much time an employee involved with the organization, that employee get more priority, who spend more time with this organization.

(B) Promotion on the basis of merits: By this process employees are evaluated by their job experience, educational qualification, duty and responsibility record of performance, breaking discipline etc. most experience and a skillful and competent employee is selected for the promotion according to this process.

(C) Promotion on the basis of merits and seniority: By this process, seniors, as well as young and talented employees, get chance of Promotion. Here seniority and capability are treated as complementary to one another.