Clubhouse adds New ‘Protected Profile’ Setting Option for All Users

Clubhouse adds New ‘Protected Profile’ Setting Option for All Users

Clubhouse said on Wednesday that it is adding a restricted profile feature that would allow users to only share their complete profile with those they accept as followers. In an effort to keep users safe on the network, the modification is being introduced in reaction to Russia’s continuing invasion of Ukraine. “We’re grateful we’ve become a meeting place for people all over the world to connect during this time,” Clubhouse said in a blog post about the announcement. “However, we also know that times of conflict and upheaval make it increasingly important to be mindful of your presence online and what you share.”

In the app’s settings, you may turn on the protected profile option. You’ll be able to approve your followers after that. Only your followers will be able to see the rooms, clubs, and replays on your profile, according to Clubhouse. In addition, the option reduces your visibility on the Clubhouse in general. Users who haven’t been accepted as followers won’t be able to see when you’re online, and Clubhouse won’t propose that individuals you don’t know follow you, according to the business.

Clubhouse has evolved into a venue for anti-war Russian people to coordinate, as well as a repository for Russian propaganda. Because Instagram and Facebook have been outlawed in Russia, individuals have had to discover other means to connect, one of which is Clubhouse. Clubhouse also given recommendations on how users may safeguard themselves on social audio platforms during times of violence in addition to today’s statement. 

Although the firm has disabled its Replay function, which allows users to record audio, for users in Ukraine, the company warns that third-party applications or devices can still be used to record and transmit material without permission. Users are also urged to be cautious regarding the information they share, both orally and through their profiles, according to Clubhouse. While it’s vital to be aware of what you’re saying and posting, the firm also stresses the need of remembering that your voice might be used to identify you.