Considerable Factors While Drafting Job Application

Considerable Factors While Drafting Job Application

Considerable Factors While Drafting Job Application

Getting a job largely depends on the art and efficiency of writing application. Application gives the employer a primary impression about the job seeker. So, it should be drafted very carefully, sincerely and honestly. The followings are the factors to be considered in drafting a job application:

Clear idea: Before writing the application, the candidate should have adequate knowledge about the job, contents of the job, qualification requirements, employer, conditions of the job etc.

Planning: In order to make the application attractive, the candidate should take necessary plan before drafting it. The applicant should think shout the attractive presentation of relevant information.

Developing a format: The applicant should develop a rough copy of the application. Later on, it should be edited and be finalized.

Selecting the structure: Though job application is one kind of commercial letter, yet it should be drafted in an independent way. Generally, job application does not require any title.

Arranging contents: Arrangement of contents is very crucial in making the application meaningful. Contents should be arranged sequentially and logically in various paragraphs.

Name of the position: A well-drafted application should clearly indicate the specific position for which the candidate applies.

Mentioning the qualification: A good application clearly indicates the qualification, experience and training of the applicant.

Mentioning the reference: At the beginning of the body of application, source of reference should be mentioned

Address: In the application, the applicant must mention his present and permanent address.

Submitting through proper channel: If the applicant is currently employed in anywhere, application should be submitted through the present employer.

Courtesy: The applicant should write the application courteously. Applicant should keep in mind that, “Courtesy costs nothing but gains more.”

Language: Language or application should be as simple as possible. Application should be free from ambiguous and technical words, complex jargons, poetic language etc.

Correctness: Application should be free from any kind of mistakes. Grammatical or linguistic mistake creates bad impression about the candidate.

Cleanliness: Cleanliness is an important quality of any letter. Job application should be free from overwriting, writing through etc.

Conciseness: Application should contain all the relevant information completely but concisely.