Cover Letter for Corporate Flight Attendant

Cover Letter for Corporate Flight Attendant

Cover Letter for Corporate Flight Attendant

[A Corporate Flight Attendant works on charter planes, corporate jets, and other noncommercial aircraft, performing duties such as serving food and refreshments, welcoming and seating passengers, assisting passengers with luggage, and ensuring passengers are familiar with the safety procedures. Below briefly describe on Sample Cover Letter for Corporate Flight Attendant. During flights, corporate flight attendants serve food and beverages and respond to all other passenger requests. You can make any change to the below application as per your needs.]

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Sub: Cover Letter for Corporate Flight Attendant

Dear (Sir/name),

I am interested to work in your organization (mention the name of the company) as a corporate flight attendant. (Describe in your words).  I know that my customer service skills coupled with my experience as a flight attendant would be beneficial to your company and I would be a valued asset to (ABC Airlines). Please find a copy of my resume for your review attached to this letter.

I have completed my flight attendant training course at (mention the institute). I have (***) years of international flying experience with travel to more than (***) countries serving on various non-commercial aircraft. (Describe all about your job experiences). The following is the summary of my attached resume to give you an idea of how I can fulfill the position in a positive way:

  • I am currently/previously working as a Corporate Flight Attendant at (XYZ Airlines) where I have been for the last (***) years.
  • I am multi-lingual, fluent in English, French, Italian, and Spanish.
  • My strong sense of organization prior to flights such as arranging for the little things like flower magazines and newspapers saves time once we’re in the air.
  • Foodservice is an important part of this job and I have knowledge of all of the equipment in the galley of all types of aircraft and can cater to the tastes of every passenger in my care.

I maintain a strong sense of professionalism and excel at providing a high level of customer service. I know that it takes a team of attendants and pilots to make each flight safe and successful. (Express your confidence and dedication). All Flight Attendants even on corporate aircraft accept the responsibility of enforcing safety regulations and guiding reactions to emergencies. For this reason, I know that would make a vital contribution to every flight (ABC Airlines).

I look forward to your call to discuss this exciting opportunity and to further explain my expertise in service and safety in the air. It would be beneficial for us to meet to further discuss my experience. (Cordially describe your greetings and expectation). I can be reached at (*****) and email [email]. Thank you for your time and consideration.


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