Importance of Business Environment

Importance of Business Environment

Importance of Business Environment

Just like human beings, business enterprises do not exist in isolation. Each business firm is not an island unto itself; it exists, survives and grows within the context of the element and forces of its environment. The importance of business environment and its understanding by managers can be appreciated if we consider the following facts:

  • It enables the firm to identify opportunities and getting the first mover advantage:

Opportunities refer to the positive external trends or changes that will help a firm to improve its performance. Environment provides numerous opportunities for business success. Early identification of opportunities helps an enterprise to be the first to exploit them instead of losing them to competitors.

  • It helps the firm to identify threats and early warning signals:

Threats refer to the external environment trends and changes that will hinder a firm’s performance. Besides opportunities, environment happens to be the source of many threats. Environmental awareness can help managers to identify various threats on time and serve as an early warning signal.

  • It helps in tapping useful resources:

Environment is a source of various resources for running a business. To engage in any type of activity, a business enterprise assembles various resources called inputs like finance, machines, raw materials, power and water, labour, etc., from its environment including financiers, government and suppliers.

  • It helps in assisting in planning and policy formulation:

Since environment is a source of both opportunities and threats for a business enterprise, its understanding and analysis can be the basis for deciding the future course of action (planning) or training guidelines for decision making (policy).

  • It helps in improving performance:

The final reason for understanding business environment relates to whether or not it really makes a difference in the performance of an enterprise. The answer is that it does appear to make a difference.